Wine lounge

Meet with friends and enjoy fine wines from the best wineries of Ernst,

where the family gathered 500 years ago.

In the 16th century, on the site of our today’s wine lounge with vinotheque, there was an open kitchen with a fireplace. Over the course of history, the room has repeatedly undergone different uses and renovations.

Since the end of the 1960s, partition walls have been put in to accommodate the laundry room and sanitary rooms for the former wine tavern (Straußwirtschaft) of our former winery. In keeping with the “modernization” style of the time, the wooden stairs were also given a colored varnish.

When we took over the business as part of the generational change in 2012, it quickly became clear that we wanted to strive for a “back to the roots”. After all the partition walls were gutted, the formerly high entrance hall could be seen again. For many decades, half-timbering and quarry stone slumbered hidden under a layer of plaster. In endless hours of work, the half-timbering was uncovered, the wooden stairs were stripped and the wine lounge was awakened from its slumber. Now the room with the natural slate floor presents itself as a little jewel of the house, where you should definitely enjoy a good glass of wine.

You will certainly find a suitable wine in the adjacent in-house vinotheque. Excellent wines from winemakers of Ernst in all qualities and flavors offer you a wide selection – whether white, rosé or red; dry, semi-dry or sweet. Here you will also find the BREVA wine, with which we support the maintenance of the hiking trail of the same name and the preservation of the wine-growing landscape.

Enjoy your wine in the wine lounge or in your holiday apartment.